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Photo & Artwork : Rodrigue Mbock


In Cameroon (his fatherland) Manuel Wandji is know under the pseudonym WAMBO. Another side of the artist who wants more express himself thru lyrics. Texts and messages are mainly in French (his motherland). A very blended music form (Afro reggae) with lyrics on personal and society issues.

The first album “Près de moi, loin d’ici” (Near me away from here) came out in December 2005. A Phenomenal success with the hit “C’est pas facile” (It’s not easy) a duet with Henri Dikongué. That song was able to touch all generations, greatly from French speaking Africa from Kinshasa to Abidjan !

WAMBO received the “Canal d’Or Award / Best artist of the Diaspora” in 2006 by the Cameroonian television Canal 2 ; Unfortunately , the widespread state of piracy in Cameroon has not favored Manuel Wandji to persevere in this path during many years.

June 2017 a new single & video “Bolè Bolè”.
April 2019 single & video clip “Je ne peux pas !”
February 2020 single & video clip “La jalousie”
June 2020 “Babylon is falling down (with Coronavirus)”
December 2020 “Spread lights”
August 2021 “Bolingo”
October 2022 “Kankélé”



Kankélé -2022-

Bolingo -2021-

Spread lights -2020-

La jalousie -2020-

Je ne peux pas ! -2019-

Bolé Bolé -2017-

Prés de moi, loin d’ici -2005-

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