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Manuel Wandji and dance… A big love affair !

A highly skilled and experienced composer for Hip Hop dance companies such ACCRORAP, HORS SÉRIE, EGO, S’POART, MIRA, MALKA, ZAHRBAT, ETHADAM or for the contemporary Afro Cie Georges MOMBOYE and LA CALEBASSE de Merlin NYAKAM… Manuel WANDJI has been fully involved in choreographic creation for more than 25 years (with a participation for the Pina BAUSCH’s last show in 2009).

Musician for teachers such as James Carlès, Géraldine Armstrong, Bruno Agati (Modern’Jazz), Lynn Simonson, Katiti King (Jazz/USA), Gigi Caciuléanu, Corinne Lanselle (contemporary), Myriam Wandji and Merlin Nyakam (Afro) to mention just a few … Manuel Wandji offers through his albums, works adapted to the dance class and choreographic creation.

His rich and varied music is an original mix of urban sounds, ethnic influences and classical music. Percussion, vocals, hip hop and electro groove, synthesizers, accordion and cello : Welcome to the magic world of Manuel Wandji !

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