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Photos : Patrick Eyoum

Anthem female ANC 2016

The original title was created to accompany the Female African Nations cup which will take place in 2016 in Cameroon.
Adored by thousands of people around the world, the major sport in Africa remains football. An uncontested conveyor of moral values, which unites all regardless of their social status, country, opinions or beliefs.
Combative enthusiasm and the will to win give cohesion and unity to the people through this wonderful sporting spectacle. Cameroon, a country which is recognized worldwide for its prowess and for the exceptional talent of its players, makes it a great choice for this unifying sport. The untameable Lions showed this during the female world cup in 2015.
Through the voices of artists and those who promote this sport, respect for effort, sharing and patriotism are celebrated with dignity.
This great female football competition, the opportunity is once again given to the creative genius of Cameroonian art to celebrate the dynamism of our illustrious women in the eyes of the world.



We Love football -2016-

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