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MANUEL WANDJI “Voices of percussion”

Photo : Pierre Terrasson

The project

A project begun in 1999 with the « Rhythms of Life » album, this homage to percussion and dance has been much enriched today by the predominance of the voice as an instrument.
These albums are an occasion for Manuel Wandji to surround himself with original artists and compose a ceremonial cercle in which ageless tradition and the virtual cross paths : ethnic percussion, didgeridoo, hip-hop or electric groove, African voices, beat box and classical instruments…
An inventive and generous performer, Manuel Wandji constantly brings colour to the international scene with his group and dancer friends. His latest work CD/DVD « Voyages & Friends » is a perfect example of this !





Voyages & Friends -2013-

Planet Groove -2005-

Spirit of roots -2002-

Rhythms of life -1999-

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