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For many years on “France Televisions”, Manuel Wandji’s music has been broadcast as sound illustrations for many documentaries and films.
Directors and publishers have always been seduced by his rich and varied music he produces.
In Cameroon, many companies have solicited his talents of composer to produce personalized music creations : CANAL 2 International (Television news), ENEO / Easy Light (Electricity of Cameroon) , SGC / Monifone (Société Générale Bank), MUCADEC (Crédit Mutuel Bank), BICEC (Banque Populaire Bank). Some others gave to Manuel Wandji the complete production of the TV spot & radio :  MAYOR (Oil cooking), MAY (Soap).

Gone are the days of purely decorative or functional music in brand communication. In an environment saturated by images and messages, a pragmatic and strategic approach to sound
is needed to support the emergence and recognition of brands.

With his huge experience Manuel Wandji believes that music is a vector of images which are immensely powerful, undoubtedly unifying, and too sensitive to be ignored or treated roughly. Advertisers must conduct a study on their sound communication in order to place it at the service of their brand building.
Just as a visual identity, the company’s sound identity is a declined unique benchmark for multiple applications : Telephone welcome message , Digital communications, Events, Institutional films, Retail space, Radio and TV advertising …

Many musics for movies & films (classified by styles) : https://soundcloud.com/creatik-sonore/sets

Creating sound identity :
It allows you to have a real unique musical image, that you can store for many years. It will clearly define you and establishes with customers a more emotional connection with your brand or
your venue. Declinable in several versions, it becomes a voice-carrier for your products and a new benchmark for the general public that retains the melody as they listen gradually.
Multipurpose can be use :
– Commercials
– On-hold telephone music
– Opening music of all your events and speeches
– Institutional films
– Sales venues
– Background airplay in the lobby or the elevator

Creating a radio spot :
Find the musical idea that best serves the brand, one which is quickly identifiable by the consumer and the targeted population .With a rich panel of male and female voices, we also offer you various interpretations (French/English).
 Texts should be provided by you or not.

Creating a TV spot :
In partnership with a video team and 3D animators, Manuel Wandji could create a TV spot suited to your profile.



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